Enlarged PORES is bothering you ?

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A common complaint related to aging in women concerns the widening of facial pores.

What are Pores?

Pores are outlets to oil secreting sebaceous glands which are found on the skin’s surface which secrete oil thereby lubricates and protects the skin. Skin pores are openings of the pilosebaceous follicles.

How do Pores appear?

Pores appear as empty funnel-shaped structures and are found in the entire skin of all individuals, except in the palms and soles.
They are not commonly visible at younger age and they to increase in size as we grow older and become very conspicuous.

What causes Pores?

Trouble with sebaceous gland function can induce abnormal conditions such as comedones, pimples, and acne.
A well-known consequence from a high rate of sebum secretion at the skin’s surface is oiliness. To date, the factors that affect the appearance of pores and the role of aging in the enlargement of pores remains relatively unknown. There is a definitive link between excessive sebum secretion and enlarged pores. Various factors are known to influence sebum secretion, which seems to decrease with increasing age. Usually sebum secretion peaked around 20 years of age and then steadily declined in both men and women until the end of life. Hormonal factors also contribute to differences in sebum secretion. Environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity are also known to increase sebum secretion.
Bad Habits – Poor personal hygeine, Inhaling nicotine on regular basis dries up your skin and speeds up the aging process.
Bad diet, Lack of proper hydration all take a toll on speeding your age.

Pores ? Do they bother you?

The smaller the pores, the clearer your skin appears. In many cases, size does matter.
Larger the pore size indicates oiliness, clogging and bacterial buildup.

Treatment for PORES

Patient should cultivate good skin care regime. Exercise and proper diet will help in a long run.
Well we at SKIN FIRST analyse your skin. We have a special device Dermascope to measure your pore size as well with 100x and 400x magnifying glasses.
We recommend various treatment options ranging from topicals to oral medications. Lasers and other US FDA approved energy devices also used if necessary.


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