Scar treatment involves a combination of treatments. There is no single treatment to reverse the damage caused by Acne ( Pimples ). Each individual patient requires a customized approach. Textural issues can be improved over time with multiples treatments.
Scar treatments like Atrophic or Hypertrophic scars due to Acne (pimples) or chicken pox scars or any kind of scars following Scald injury or road traffic accidents can be treated effectively at Skin First. The choice of treatment depends on the characteristics of the scar which includes site, age, depth and extent of scarring, skin type of the patient, family history, preexisting medical illnesses which may cause hindrance in healing.
All these factors are responsible in providing favourable outcome.

Fractional Co2 Laser ( Carbon Dioxide Laser )


Co2 Laser is best used for Acne scar treatment. It’s a first choice laser for Anti-aging as well and also in getting rid of skin tags, small moles, syringomas, Milias, warts and other raised lesions.
We at Skin First use FIRE XEL Laser which is approved by US FDA. FIRE XEL is a 10600nm Fractional Laser. It comprises of Skin Analysis system as well, which helps in planning the treatment in a safe and effective manner. It helps in choosing among 6 types of skin, calculates moisture of the skin via moisture sensor.
It has combination of ablative and non ablative
Numbing cream ( topical anaesthetic ) is applied over the treatment site. Leave it for 45 minutes.
Later the area is cleaned prior to laser treatment.

What to expect after the treatment

This laser treatment has downtime
One may notice reddish color over the treated site immediately. Later after 1-2 days the area will turn into brownish to black color i.e. scab formation. Patient should handle the skin gentle. One shouldn’t scrub the area for revealing the pink skin because it inturn causes Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
1 week later patient will notice clear and bright skin, reduction in pigmentation and scars. Individual results may vary
For better understanding do consult Dr Ch Keerti Chowdary at SKIN First


sylfirm x

Gold standard treatment for scar reduction. Best part is it is NO downtime procedure. You need not postpone going to parties. Minimally invasive treatment. At SKIN First we use SYLFIRM X Cutting-edge RF micro needling system. SYLFIRM X helps in substantial improvement in the appearance of all types of acne scars, which includes the softening of scar contours as well and reduction in scar depth.
It combines the benefit of Microneedling and Radio Frequency in one Equipment. At Skin First we have latest equipment US FDA Approved FIrst of its kind in Andhra pradesh SYLFIRM X. It is a dual wave RFMN device. PW and CW modes present.
Delivers superb results, even improves Hyperpigmentation as well


In this procedure usually 18 Gauge needle is inserted underneath the scar to release it’s attachment to the surrounding skin. Done under topical anaesthesia,
if required LA is injected. Done usually for rolling scars and combined with Fire XEL treatment at SKIN FIRST


CROSS stands for Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars. We apply high concentration of TCA using tooth pick and works best for ice pick and box scars where base of the scar is lifted and helps in smoothening the scar edges. Quite quick and painless procedure, there will be downtime for about a week. Scabs are formed and they fall of leaving pink skin, patient is advised not to pick the skin. Not recommended for patients with Keloidal tendency.


Deep scars are excised under local anaesthesia. Thereafter they are sutured using 6-0 suture which is the thinnest suture, which doesn’t leave any impression after removing it seven days later. Results are appreciated after 1 month.


PLATELET RICH PLASMA THERAPY also known as Vampire facial is also used in the Scar revision treatment. Since scar tissue has disordered blood supply, infusing PRP which has growth factors helps in tissue remodelling thereby revising the scar significantly. Topical anaesthesia is applied 45 minutes prior to treatment to minimise the pain. 20 ml blood is adequate for one session of PRP. Blood is then withdrawn and centrifuged in REMI Centrifuge. Collected PRP is then injected into the scars using special cannula which is specially designed to minimise trauma to deeper vessels and nerves.
What can patient anticipate? Downtime for 1-2 days, but patient can continue their routine day to day activities.
This treatment involves multiple sessions in monthly intervals. Maximum results will continue to accrue over a period of 6-8 months.


Best procedure to mask the acne scars if you have an upcoming event to attend.
Very little downtime and good results since the depressive scars are right away filled using Hyaluronic injections. Procedure done under topical anaesthesia. Best part is nobody will know unless you reveal.
Scar revision is a complex sophisticated treatment, requires skilled job. Entirely depends on the Dermatosurgeon i.e. not the laser or equipment alone but the working hands behind it. So, its very important to chose the right Dermatologist.

Scar revision is a complex sophisticated treatment, requires skilled job. Entirely depends on the Dermatosurgeon i.e. not the laser or equipment alone but the working hands behind it. So, its very important to chose the right Dermatologist.