First time in Vijayawada from Syneron Candela USA Long Pulsed  Nd Yag Laser Safest, Painless and Fastest Laser
Patented Cooling  echnology – Literally No burns Larger spot size – treats large areas at faster rate

Flaunt Your skin with Confidence in your desired outfits
Get rid of Unwanted hair
Laser hair removal is applicable to remove
Full Face, Eyebrow shaping, Chest, Hands, Abdomen, Back, Bikini area & Legs

The Laser itself is so pretty and powerful with 26000 watts output and in no way comparable to the existing lasers in town.

Special discounted packages available for whole body Laser hair removal


Laser hair removal for UNWANTED HAIR

Can facial and body hair be permanently removed?
Unwanted hair can be permanently reduced with a series of laser or light-assisted hair removal treatments. The darker and coarser the hair and the fairer the skin, the more effective is the treatment. Some hair may re-grow, especially on hormone-dependent areas such as the upper lip, beard area, chest and back, but are generally finer, lighter and much less dense than before, barely visible even.

While IPL hair removal is widely available, it is not suitable for dark Asian skin due to the risk of skin burns at standard treatment doses and poor efficacy at safer low doses. Skin burns lead to prolonged and unsightly post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Gradually over several treatments, there will be a permanent reduction in the amount of hair in that area. Most people achieve satisfactory clearance after 6-8 treatments, but individual results vary depending on medical and genetic factors. Lighter colored hair may require more treatments than darker colored hair. Patients are advised that laser hair removal is a medical procedure which requires knowledge, skills and expertise to perform, hence it is strongly recommended to go to a certified medical facility rather than a spa, as not everyone is a suitable candidate for this procedure.

We at SKIN FIRST use gold standard for safe and effective laser hair removal Long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser – GENTLE YAG TM PRO U which has a patented cooling technology hence considered as Cool Laser for Hair removal.

We also use Diode Laser US FDA Approved for safe riddance of the unwanted hair. Diode laser eliminates unwanted hair by emitting beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair i.e melanin

The Gentle Laser Hair Removal from Candela targets the hair follicle with Laser energy, destroying it at its root while preserving the surrounding skin:

. Smoother skin, Free of unwanted hair
. Effective
. Ultra- Fast
. Safe

What is the treatment like?
Laser energy is delivered through a small handpiece operated by your practitioner. The Laser delivers an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicle and converted to heat. The heat damages the hair follicle while the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. Your skin may be red immediately following the procedure. This typically lasts from a few minutes to several hours after the procedure

Are the treatments painful ?
Gentle Hair Removal Laser uses a patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), which prepares the skin for treatment by spraying the upper layer with a cooling burst of cryogen just milliseconds before the laser pulse. DCD helps ensure that Gentle Hair removal treatments are as comfortable as they are effective.

Even Diode laser does it’s job very effectively. Diode platform has triple wave length which targets the hair follicles in a safe and effective manner.

What is the procedure for treatment of unwanted hair removal at SKIN FIRST?

Do not shave/ epilate / wax before coming for consultation. Your hair will be assessed for Laser energy settings. Detailed medical history and examination will be done to evaluate for underlying conditions that may be the cause for increased hair growth. If required we may run blood investigations, since hirsutism is due to excess of Androgen i.e. male hormone, which is actually naturally present. Work up for the set of hormones like testosterone, androstenedione, 17-hydroxyprogesterone and Dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DHEA), Fasting thyroid profile and Insulin resistance testing are done. Less common causes will be evaluated if required.
Patient is supposed to wait for 20 days if he/she gets Waxing or threading
48 hours – shaving
On the laser day we trim your hair and do Laser treatment. Since there should be some hair for the laser to absorb the pigment and act. Topical anaesthetic cream is applied and left for 45 minutes – 1 hour. After laser hair removal soothing gel cream is applied.

What precautions should I take throughout this process?
Avoid sun exposure atleast two weeks before treatment. Do not bleach, pluck or wax 4 to 6 weeks before and after treatment. Wait for tanned skin to fade before beginning treatment.


Things you should know –
Laser hair removal works only on Anagen phase hair follicles. It doesn’t work on Catagen and Telogen which are other 2 phases of Hair cycle
So unlike waxing and threading where there is delay in hair regrowth. Post laser session hair may re appear within 2 days since we only trim the hair prior to LHR


Unwanted white hair which appears mostly on the chin, upper lip is removed safely using world’s best device ELLMAN in a safe and effective manner.
Topical numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment.