HAIR TRANSPLANT also known as Hair Restoration is a surgical procedure done at SKIN FIRST which boasts about having a dedicated aseptic Operation Theatre to successfully perform the procedure.

Dr Ch Keerti chowdary underwent Hands on Training for One year under Dr K. Ramachandran, pioneer in Hair transplant, Chief Apollo Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and also President of AHRS. She did Fellowship in Hair Restoration.
We practice various aspects of Hair Transplantation including Harvesting by a strip ( FUT ) and Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) method.

At Skin First we try to put 2-3000 grafts per session based upon the client requirement. Large sessions are planned over 2-3 sessions.

How do we do Hair Transplant

We mark the donor and recipient areas. Patient is made to lie in the custom made table for Hair transplant. Everything is sterile in the room. All the staff strictly adhere to aseptic precautions. Uniform code, madk and hair cap are compulsory.
Scalp is cleaned well using Betadine solutions. Tumescence is created by using Local anaesthesia and normal saline. Then extraction is started using innovative techniques. If patient doesnt want the surgical scar, one may opt for Follicular unit extraction, but the thing is, it compromises the number of grafts from occipital ie donor site. For procuring more number of grafts the surgeon has to harvest slightly above and below the donor area.

Direct Hair Transplant

We even practice this method as well, where harvested grafts are immediately transferred to the recipient site.

After care
Patient is supposed to maintain perfect hygeine from the very next day. They may continue to do their day to day activities as well.