20 mins
At SKIN FIRST we analyse the patient’s skin condition based on set of parameters like Moisture level, Oiliness, Keratin, Pore size, Pigmentation.
Hair analysis is also done assessing the Scalp health, Hair cuticle using 400 times magnifying glass.
Upon consultation with doctor and based on these measurements we let patients to chose certain set of treatment options which are best suited for Improving the skin or hair condition.
Or you may also check with us for routine skin care products and enrol for any Relaxing Facial perfectly matched for your skin just to pamper yourselves


20 mins – 90 mins
What For?

Lifted and Smooth Skin-Antiaging benefits

For radiant and even skin tone – Perfectly suited as Glow up session.
Designed for the stressed and traumatised skin, which has ingredients such as Azelaic acid, Resorcinol and Phytic acid. These all ingredients help in fading and reducing the size of hyper pigmented spots.
This session involves cleansing the skin followed by serum application and post cleaning Hydrating gel and mask sheet application, whole process involves 20 minutes.
Patients may chose to combine the treatment with Hydrafacial exfoliate and extract session 30 or 60 minutes procedures along with this Peel session.
One may even choose other Ingredients from Mesoestetic like
Glyco peel 20- 70%,
Salicylic Acid peel
Modified Jessner
Mandelic – 40%


Procedure time – 90 mins
What for?

Lifted and Smooth Skin-Antiaging benefits

Mindfully made by Hydrafacial consists of Tripeptides and octapeptides. An exfoliating and reconditioning treatment that works on a deeper level which helps in increasing the skin elasticity and helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Get the best skin of your life with this non-invasive procedure.


Procedure time – 60 MINS
What for?

Skin Hydration

Reduces the redness as early as 48 hours. Improves skin tone, texture and firmness. Ingredients are Lecithin & Polysaccharide which enhances hydration. Sodium carboxymethyl betaglucan which increases skin’s self-protecting capacity. Clinically proven 8 hour moisturization after single use.


Procedure time – 90 mins
What for ?

Youthful and Lifted skin

Helps clear out damaged collagen and elastin giving the support for skin’s natural ability to produce new elastin and collagen. Promoted maximum hydration to the skin.
It is intended for reactive, stressed-out, and traumatised skin, which is the skin of the classic city. A fantastic anti-stress remedy that hydrates, shields, and smoothes the skin to lessen the signs of ageing. A face contouring and sculpting technique that has an immediate plumping effect, made for all Skin Instants. Your face, neck, and cleavage skin will be smoothed and toned as a result of its draining effect.


Procedure Time – 60 mins
What For?

Brightens and Balances Skin Tone

Minimizes the appearance of dark spots and sun spots
It contains Alpha-Arbutin which is a brightening agent, Vitamin C which is a powerful Antioxidant, Bearberry Extract which is a Brightener. Perfect to achieve the glow for a city dweller. Most safest quick fix solution.


Procedure time – 60 mins – 90 mins
What For?

Resurfacing Procedure helps in Skin Rejuvenation

Combines the benefit of aggresive exfoliating chemical peels into a one step resurfacing procedure.
Accelerates peel benefits without any skin irritation. It also consists of unique blend of skin brighteners which block the production of pigmentation.
Results are quite visible easily


Procedure Time – 60 mins
What For?

For Scalp Nourishment – helps in Hair Growth

For Scalp Nourishment – helps in Hair Growth
Hydrafacial Keravive is the best scalp treatment which Cleanses, Exfoliates and Hydrates the Scalp and Hair follicles.
Stimulates Scalp Circulation
It has Peptides, synthetic Growth Factors and Proteins which help in forming healthier and fuller- looking hair
Keravive solution has Panthenol, a vitamin B5 derivative which helps in conditioning the hair.


Procedure time – 60 mins
What For?

For Lifted and Sculpted Look

This state of the art antiaging treatment done by the Authentic HYDRAFACIAL helps in smoothening the appearance of Fine lines and wrinkles.
Enhances Skin Elasticity
It has Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyroyl, Hydroxythreonine peptide and Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminohydroxybutyrate peptide
All these Peptides help in Anti-Aging

Mesoestetic Dermamelan

Pigment Control Professional Solutions
Procedure Time – 20 mins
World’s top medical Depigmentation treatment. It’s unique and innovative formula safely and efficiently removes existing spots and prevents their reappearance, maintaining hyperpigmentation under control for a long-lasting outcome.

Following a proper diagnosis by the medical professional, the treatment begins with a first session in the medical consultation. It consists of applying two professional synergistic masks that provide an intensive depigmenting action.
The patient removes the product at home after the time indicated by the professional.
The treatment provides no discomfort and is perfectly compatible with normal life in subsequent days. The patient just has to follow a series of indications provided by us.
At home phase
This phase has a length of 4 months and starts 48-72h after the In consultation phase. It consists in applying every day 3 products with a complementary action that maintain the depigmenting action and intensify the regulating action with the aim of treating the root of the problem and achieving a comprehensive and long-lasting result.


For Hydrafacial
Procedure time – 60 mins
What For – Helps in treating Acne breakouts and prevents future breakouts
Consists of Salicylic acid, Green Tea extract which helps in reducing the severity of Acne and helps soothe irritation
Go to Facial for the Teenagers Acne. Complement it with our at home peels and Carbon Laser Facials for consitent results