Prevention is better than cure
We at SKIN FIRST advise patient to get Hyaluronic acid fillers in advance to the soft ear lobe such that it adds volume thereby one can wear Jumkas or heavy hangings comfortably.

HYALURONIC ACID Filler is injected into the ear lobe by Dr Keerti’s trained and very well experienced hands in a very safe and meticulous manner. These fillers can even be injected even after slight sagging, so that your earring is placed at top instead of carrying on with hanging earrings. These injections are already pre filled with anaesthetic solution hence they numb the area quickly, or even one may opt to get topical anaesthetic cream application prior to the injection.

Too much Split or torn ear lobes can be stitched aesthetically with the finest and thinnest 6-0 suture, leaving minimal scar. Stitches are done front and back of the ear lobe. After 6 weeks ear piercing is done by using advanced Ear piercing techniques

Ear & Nose piercing for eleventh month old child and second or third top ear studs for all from USA – STUDEX Company

We at SKIN FIRST use STUDEX 75 which is the most innovated and technologically advanced Instrument. This has a patented touch free ear piercing process which ensures safety, hygiene and ease of use.
Due to its automatic positioning of the clasp ensures that proper space is left at the front and back of the ear to enhance the healing process thereby very safe in babies and children

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